Culinary Philosophy

A passion for food. An obsession for detail.

Restaurant Associates’ food philosophy encompasses simplicity, style and passion. Whether you’re hosting a meeting luncheon, an intimate reception for a few guests, or a gala for a few hundred, our creative catering experts will be delighted to work with you to custom design a truly memorable experience.

Not only are we committed to your event, but we are committed to sustainability of our planet. Below are few of the initiatives we implement here at the Samberg Conference Center:

Sustainable Seafood:

The world’s stock of wild seafood is threatened with extinction due to over and uncontrolled fishing. Compass Group, Restaurant Associates’ parent company, began a policy on March 1, 2006, replacing Atlantic cod, a species which leading conservationists have recommended consumers avoid, with more environmentally sound Pacific cod, Pollock and other alternatives. RA also plans to seek ways to decrease its use of shrimp and salmon that are farmed in an unsustainable manner. These two species are extremely popular with consumers but are a concern to environmentalists. RA and Compass Group rely on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program which empowers seafood consumers and business to make choices for healthy oceans. For more information, visit

Milk Produced without Synthetic rBGH:

Produced by dairy cows that have never received injections of synthetic bovine growth hormone.

Antibiotic-Free Protein:

Our chicken, turkey and pork is produced without the routine use of antibiotics as a feed additive.

Cage Free Shell Eggs:

Cage free eggs means the hens have not been confined to a battery cage.

Organic Food:

A large part of organic agriculture involves the health of the soil and of the ecosystems in which crops and livestock are raised. A healthy environment significantly benefits crops and the health of those consuming them.

Local Food:

Restaurant Associates is working with local farmers and produce distributors to provide our guests with the freshest seasonal foods while supporting our local communities. Items are identified as local if they are from sources that are no more than 150 miles from the location in which it is served. As a result, local food means fewer food miles and a dramatic reduction in transportation, days of refrigeration, and tons of pollution and packaging.

Fair Trade Coffee:

Fair Trade empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. By guaranteeing minimum floor prices and social premiums, Fair Trade enables producers to invest in their farms and communities and protect the environment.